Technology has changed the world we live in and the way we live our lives today. The new revolution in the IT industry over the years has affected our living conditions and work life. It has opened up a new chapter in technological advancement and human development, allowing us to do extraordinary things. However, IT technology keeps on growing and revolutionizing the IT Industry. 

The revolution of technology has the biggest impact on the IT Industry as it relates to all other aspects of the world – physical, digital and biological, in ways that create both huge promise and potential peril. The new revolution in the IT Industry is not only a technology-driven change but it is an opportunity to look beyond technology and improve the world we live in. Be it artificial intelligence, web development, cloud computing, robotics, app development or advanced wireless technologies, are all fruits of the growth in the IT Industry. 

Let us take a look at how the revolution in the IT Industry has impacted other significant areas. 

Enhanced skills, labor, and production 

Technology has enabled people to acquire new skills suited for innovation and technology which leads to an increase in the production capacity within the economy. Moreover, the new and evolved labor market now cultivates the skills and capabilities important for adapting the rapidly changing trends of the IT industry.

Globalization and the internet 

The biggest impact of technology is the internet and globalization. The world has become a global village today where everyone is connected to one another. Websites and apps have allowed people to communicate, work, run businesses, etc. The progression of the internet, in turn, led to a complex network of online website industry comprising SEO houses, digital agencies, website development, and management companies, etc.  

Development of infrastructure 

Access to smart technology is only possible through proper infrastructure with electricity, high teledensity, broadband penetration, and internet density. The IT industry has led to the development of proper infrastructure to boost mobile phone and internet use. This is why more and more standardized application programming interfaces and common data languages are being used to integrate large self-sufficient systems in our infrastructures. For a continuous growth in the IT industry, the interoperability of virtual platforms and physical connectivity of fiber-optic networks is very important. 


As businesses respond to the changing trends of technology and its impact on globalization, the economy is on the rise. Technological advancement in the IT industry allows organizations to adjust to the rapidly fluctuating consumer preferences, set resources according to demand, compete with striving startups and meet the costs. A huge proportion of the global economy is the gig economy now which could not have been possible without technology. Millennials and Gen-Z make up around 81% of the new workforce and according to statistics, 87% of them are part of the gig culture. These figures are on their way to grow as IT and economy progress. 


It is no doubt that the revolutions in the IT industry have had a huge impact on every area of the world. However, it does not stop here – as the IT industry continues to grow, soon there will be a new global technological revolution! To stay updated with the changing trends in the global IT industry, stay in touch with Magneto maintenance Company. We are a website maintenance and also digital marketing company dedicated to delivering the latest services and keeping your website compatible in this ever evolving world of technology. 

Best Website Development Platforms in 2020

We cannot imagine the world without internet today and the internet itself is nothing without websites. Anyone who wants an online presence needs a website especially for business purposes. Today, we will talk about the best and most reliable platforms of website development you can use in 2020. So, without wasting any time let’s dig right in.

How to Choose the Best Website Builder?

Before starting to build a website, the first and most important thing is to choose the right development platform. In this context, a platform refers to the different development websites to build a website. This is a crucial decision because the development platform and programming language impact the functionality, development, and maintenance of a website along with the costs, databases, and servers.

The type of website development platform you should choose depends upon the kind of website you want. For example, whether it will have a blog, a photo gallery, ads, etc. Secondly, you must consider growth options i.e., will your website have frequent updates? Will you add more products to the website? Will your website have a photo gallery? …

To put it shortly, you need to know beforehand whether the website builder you choose has the ability to support the growth of your website and its contents.

Website Development Platforms

Here are the most popular and reliable website development platforms right now:

  1. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an eCommerce solution that enables you to run eCommerce stores through self-hosting or cloud. It is rich with advanced features and currently supports 250,000 shops worldwide. PrestaShop is free and accessible in over 65 different languages and that’s why it is used globally. This website development platform allows users to sell services for commercial partners to its customer base. Moreover, PrestaShop also offers a responsive store interface, templates, store builder, added features and themes. 

All in all, it is a sophisticated e-commerce platform for all those interested in physical or digital goods in the online market.

  • Shopify

If you are a website developer or webmaster then you must have heard about Shopify. It is a popular eCommerce store developer which is designed to build eCommerce websites and online stores. Shopify is supporting over 500,000 businesses and 1,000,000 active users. The Shopify platform delivers a fully hosted solution where you do not have to manage software, install updates, keep backups, etc. Shopify will take care of everything for you. Furthermore, Shopify also offers an integrated payment solution for its users along with third-party payment gateways.

To conclude, Shopify has full inventory management, strong stats, hundreds of designs, unlimited products and easy marketing solutions along with add-on features.

  • WordPress

If you don’t know what WordPress is, you must have heard about it at least once. WordPress is a website and blog hosting service by Automattic that includes plug-in architecture. This software is a great website development platform for a great custom user experience. The best thing about WordPress is that it will take care of SEO optimization, all the backlinks and technical stuff. With a bunch of cool features, users can choose from a wide range of themes both free and paid. Moreover, you can also customize your websites using the built-in customizer to add navigation menu, website title, widgets and more. It has a wide community of developers which makes it safe and active for new members.

  • Magneto

Magneto is a mobile-centric test automation framework. Being one of the best and most scalable website development platforms, Magneto can help you develop top-notch e-commerce websites. It is free, easy to set up, mobile-friendly and packed with a large set of features. Magneto offers several extensions for users to customize every aspect of their website. Moreover, with each passing day, Magneto is becoming a hub of active users which makes it a great platform for talented web-developers. To put it shortly, it is a one stop shop for all online merchants.

  • Laravel

Laravel is an open-source and free PHP framework for high-quality advanced website development. It enables users to build high functioning and efficient websites. A number of popular websites are built on Laravel, for example, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. Laravel offers great versatility to develop dynamic websites. Laravel is free yet it creates a high-quality platform with advanced features that you would expect from a paid one. Moreover, it enables you to create robust, strong and durable websites capable of handling heavy traffic. Being an advanced platform, it is not suitable for newbies as it requires some grip on programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, Scala, etc. Hence, it is more suitable for professional developers and webmasters. 

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the fastest builder to develop a website. However, it lacks advanced features so it is only suitable for low-traffic basic websites. GoDaddy is a user-friendly and simple platform with limited customization options. It also offers web hosting services. Moreover, GoDaddy is not free and the subscription plans do not justify the basic feature set. All in all, GoDaddy is a quick and easy website development platform that everyone can use to make a new website without any hassles.


Writing computer programs and creating websites is not everyone’s cup of tea – it is a technical and complex task that requires skill, qualification, and experience. For whatever purpose, if you want to build your own website with ease and efficiency then use a professional website development platform. There are a plethora of website development platforms today so picking the right one can be very overwhelming. To take the burden off your shoulders, pick one of the best website development platforms mentioned above. Whether you want to run a blog, sell products, create a social website or run a consultancy business, there are different platforms here to suit your needs. All these website development platforms come with their own set of features and have created a good reputation in the online world. So, without wasting any more time, start building your website!

Google Latest Update & It’s Algorithms

SEO has become a very common term in the digital world today as it is one of the biggest determinants of how your website performs and ranks. Every business with an online presence today wants the benefits of SEO. A new start-up or a big corporation, all need to invest in good SEO strategies. SEO is a multifaceted and complex concept which greatly depends on Google and its algorithms. The first question that pops up in everyone’s mind when their website performance starts lagging is: Did Google release another update? Well, if you’re a website owner or webmaster then you must stay up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates. Though Google announces many new updates every year, there are a few that have a huge impact on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

With each new update in the algorithm, Google moves a step closer in trying to make itself more relevant and simpler for users. With that being said, Google has for long tried to stay one step ahead of SEO with its ever-evolving algorithms but website managers keep studying the impacts of Google’s secret algorithm updates. This is so businesses understand how Google ranks.

Listing down every single update is a hassle and would do you no good. It is important to know to protect yourself from the diverse effects of these updates. Thus, so far in 2020, here is what we know about the latest Google updates.

Ads Will Dominate

Till a few years back, every time you searched for a query Google would show an uncluttered neat page with 1-10 organically generated results. However, today when you search for something, the first few links are ads. Remember: Google is a business tool. So, to make money you will have to invest some first. So, run an ad (or a few) to be compatible with the latest algorithms.

Voice Search Is the Future

Voice-enabled tech makes users search the web using just a voice command. You no longer have to open the search engine and type the whole query – just say it! This is why Google Voice Search is rapidly growing in popularity. 30% of all the searches are voice searches so that a significant chunk of leads you’re missing. Optimize your website for voice search and get listed on Google voice search.

Quality Content

Despite all the changes and upgrades to the algorithm, the simplest way of staying consistent with the trends is content. As Google says: Content is the King. Thus, keep your website stacked with high-quality relevant content. By the end of the day, content is what Google is looking for. Make sure you have the most relevant and best website development services that delivers great user experience. The easiest way to have a great website is by hiring a professional website development and maintenance company.


By now you know the importance and power of Google algorithms and how it could impact your business. Whether you are trying to sell services or products , it is important to stay relevant with the new Google updates. This is why you should start optimizing your business for all the latest updates in Google algorithm today to stay ahead of your competition!