Google Latest Update & It’s Algorithms

SEO has become a very common term in the digital world today as it is one of the biggest determinants of how your website performs and ranks. Every business with an online presence today wants the benefits of SEO. A new start-up or a big corporation, all need to invest in good SEO strategies. SEO is a multifaceted and complex concept which greatly depends on Google and its algorithms. The first question that pops up in everyone’s mind when their website performance starts lagging is: Did Google release another update? Well, if you’re a website owner or webmaster then you must stay up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates. Though Google announces many new updates every year, there are a few that have a huge impact on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

With each new update in the algorithm, Google moves a step closer in trying to make itself more relevant and simpler for users. With that being said, Google has for long tried to stay one step ahead of SEO with its ever-evolving algorithms but website managers keep studying the impacts of Google’s secret algorithm updates. This is so businesses understand how Google ranks.

Listing down every single update is a hassle and would do you no good. It is important to know to protect yourself from the diverse effects of these updates. Thus, so far in 2020, here is what we know about the latest Google updates.

Ads Will Dominate

Till a few years back, every time you searched for a query Google would show an uncluttered neat page with 1-10 organically generated results. However, today when you search for something, the first few links are ads. Remember: Google is a business tool. So, to make money you will have to invest some first. So, run an ad (or a few) to be compatible with the latest algorithms.

Voice Search Is the Future

Voice-enabled tech makes users search the web using just a voice command. You no longer have to open the search engine and type the whole query – just say it! This is why Google Voice Search is rapidly growing in popularity. 30% of all the searches are voice searches so that a significant chunk of leads you’re missing. Optimize your website for voice search and get listed on Google voice search.

Quality Content

Despite all the changes and upgrades to the algorithm, the simplest way of staying consistent with the trends is content. As Google says: Content is the King. Thus, keep your website stacked with high-quality relevant content. By the end of the day, content is what Google is looking for. Make sure you have the most relevant and best website development services that delivers great user experience. The easiest way to have a great website is by hiring a professional website development and maintenance company.


By now you know the importance and power of Google algorithms and how it could impact your business. Whether you are trying to sell services or products , it is important to stay relevant with the new Google updates. This is why you should start optimizing your business for all the latest updates in Google algorithm today to stay ahead of your competition!

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